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ELEM REPL Cockroach Repellent Spray_Pack of 1
ELEM REPL Cockroach Repellent Spray_Pack of 1
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ELEM REPL Cockroach Repellent Spray

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ELEM REPL Cockroach Repellent Spray is a 100% organic and natural repellent spray for cockroaches. It is an effective cockroach repellent spray. This spray naturally provides protection against cockroaches, without harmful and chemical biocides. Has a pleasant aroma and natural ingredients, therefore it is safe for animals, humans and children. Our anti-cockroach spray is a natural remedy against cockroaches and pests to repel them from the kitchen in the long term, as well as effectively prevent new infestations. The combination of natural essential oils of peppermint, cinnamon and rosemary deters cockroaches without killing them. The cockroach spray causes an unpleasant smell for cockroaches. Our ingredients on a 100% natural basis are perceived by cockroaches as extremely unpleasant and leave your kitchen voluntarily. This type of cockroach control is 100% natural. Cockroach defence must be quick and easy.

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